Essay Writing Tips … for Dummies!

Ok, just because you fail to cope with the essay writing assignment and try to find someone to pay for an essay writing doesn’t mean you’re dumb. But before you pay someone to write essay for you, make sure to read through these simple tips and who knows – maybe next paper assigned to you at college will be completed with no complications?

Researching is Important

That’s how you must get started! All of your tiny cells of gray color should start working and not just in front of your laptop! Make sure to visit the college or city library, browse online websites related to the topic you’re dealing with.

Next Step – Brainstorm!

Now you’re simply taking all your ideas and expand them. The thing is that sometimes it happens that brand-new ideas pop up in your head while you’re pondering over the topic. In other words – let your subconsciousness work! Your task is to get used to the process for the reason that it will be getting more and more common as you make progress in essay writing.

Thesis Writing

As you proceed with your research, you will find yourself generating a thesis. Basically it is about a viewpoint or an argument. At some stage of brainstorming-researching, you will have to make a decision on what your thesis statement sounds like. In case the question of the project is just “Do you have the same opinion?” – the thesis statement of yours will be just “No” or “Yes” and later supported by the body content.


No matter what you do, the time when you have to finally write down the essay comes. This can be a pretty tiresome task, but luckily the introductive section is just a perfect way to get into the whole process. This is the section, where the author brings light to the topic, connects it with the project question, and then tells the reader what he or she is going to discuss later in the body of the paper.

Main Body

This is the part of your essay that is placed between the conclusive sections and the intro of the paper. You must part it into several paragraphs (3 or 4 will be enough), each of them should be provided for its personal reason, and should involve a certain argument that is related to the overall argument of yours (you have mentioned it in an introductive section, remember?). Be ready to spend 80% of your time on the body section writing.

Round Up!

This is the part of the essay, where you clearly summarize everything you’ve discussed in your project. No need to provide any brand-new ideas in here. Just say what you’ve been talking about in several simple words. It’s OK to get your audience thinking about something important but still, it’s not the number one reason behind the conclusion. You’re just required to conclude the project. What is more important, make certain that you have successfully answered the question you have asked in the introduction section.

…And one more thing…

Here it is. Your paper has been accomplished and submitted. But the grade you finally get doesn’t mean you have to throw your essay away and forget about it. When you get the paper back, you will 99.9% find out that there is still something to fix in the content. So, your task is to absorb all errors you’ve made and make sure to never make them again!