Essay Writing Recommendations for Lazy Students

The majority of students usually procrastinate writing an assignment and, as the result, get upset as the deadline is approaching. Luckily, the truth is that everyone can cope with the essay using a few simple tips provided specially for the laziest students.

Read the instructions!

The first step to successful essay writing is not annoying at your friend’s place “write my essay for me, please”, but reading all the instructions related to the assignment. What does your tutor want? Are you required to write your essay on the basis of a textbook material or you’re supposed to perform a thorough research? One of the easiest ways to cope with that is to make use of Google. Briefly get through interesting links to get quick information on your topic.

Describe your topic in details!

Use the information in order to generate a thesis statement. In few words, you must provide a detailed description for the topic and of what the paper will say further. Once you’re done with the statement of your thesis, make a simple but solid outline. Name four main points on the topic. In case you’re dealing with some social issue, it could be statistics data, methods of prevention, different approaches to the problem.

Note cards

Go through the material you’ve gathered and create some note cards, which will be used for different quotes. Make sure to get all relevant info required to properly cite this or that quote including the title, the author, the dates, specific web site, etc. Make sure to cite the website address – it is important!

Outline making

Develop an outline making use of the note cards you’ve prepared. Then proceed to the rough draft of the project with the statement of your thesis and three key points. The number one paragraph will include the thesis sentence and a simple intro for the paper topic. And make sure to produce the logical conclusion. This is the section, where you review the essay topic and provide a sort of a take-away idea for your readers to ponder over after reading the text. Once you’re done with work, set it aside for 5-6 hours.


The next step is all about essay proofreading. A huge number of lazy students pick not to revise the paper they have written and they fail to get the highest grade. Just approach your pal to proofread your work and make sure to make all necessary corrections before the submission date.