5 Details of Cause and Effect Essays

effect essay tipsThe cause and effect essay follows a special pattern that is logical and it does exactly what the name suggests – it provides explanation on a particular problem’s cause, as well as points out the effects that result. Writing a high level cause and effect essay may seem pretty challenging. However, if you keep in mind the following recommendations, you will understand what type of writing work you deal with and complete the task successfully.


  • When writing the cause and effect essay, it’s good to imagine that you are seeing it for the first time in your life. This enables you to find out whether your content is good enough. Are you providing the right points? Can you clearly trace the chain of events that caused the result described? If yes, your project can easily compete with the essays accomplished by your mates.
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Essay on the Perks of Effective Communication with Class/Groupmates

project based learningAs we spend so much time in school and then in college, people there constitute our social environment. Some of them become our coworkers or clients, and some even become our best friends or loved ones. This system of social connections and interactions is based on communication. The better we communicate, the more comfortable we feel within this big system.

Communication with class- or groupmates has a number of perks. It is not only a part of educational process, but it also plays a significant role in extracurricular leisure activities and in formation of wider social and professional networks.  Let us split communication between classmates into groups by settings in which it occurs — in the classroom, outside the classroom but still classroom-centered (on the phone, online, via text messages), and extracurricular. Students benefit from each in a slightly different way. Continue reading

Mind Map for Your Essay

mind mapsAre you dreaming about becoming a high class writer? A better organizer? A better assistant? If the answer is yes, yes, yes, make sure to make use of mind maps. Some prominent writers of the nowadays call mind maps a truly genius tool since it can easily make your brain extensively work and fire up your creativity.

This exceptional thinking tool is a unique method applied to bring to the surface what is going on in your brain. When two tiny segments of information cross, the juicy idea is formed. Then the idea activates extensive thinking. In the process, your brain generates a great bunch of various associations that may lead you in many different directions. Continue reading