Essay on Jewelry: The History of Value

mineralIt is hard to imagine our everyday life without jewels. Even in the times, when human beings just began to use tools and clothes, jewelry was made of any sort of materials at hand be it animal skin, bones, feathers, etc. As the time was passing by, the advancing technology provided artisans with an opportunity to tame precious gems and meals into beautiful masterpieces that are still influencing modern jewels style. Things have changed, but the purpose of making and wearing the jewels remains the same – to express one’s religious and political preferences, wealth and social status.

When the question is about the history of jewels, its early development can be divided across three grand civilizations – China, Egypt and India. Mesopotamia and Egypt set a range of influencing standards in the areas of glass manufacture, metallurgy and gem collecting. Their jewels production traditions provided a solid foundation for the fashion styles of every European civilization that exist nowadays.
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