Sample Essay on Juggalos and Their Customs

juggalo subcultureEvery year, tens of thousands people with painted faces and bodies get together in the Legend Valley, Ohio. They listen to the artists produced by the Psychopathic Records indie label, wrestle, sprinkle each other with Faygo cola, consume alcohol and drugs, and get “down with their clown” in other ways. What distinguishes Juggalos from the most fan groups is their community with its unique fashion, music, mythology, rituals, slang, and even economy. While Juggalos represent an unpopular subculture that is often frowned upon, their mere existence within the capitalist American society remains a notable cultural phenomenon. Continue reading

Essay on the Perks of Effective Communication with Class/Groupmates

project based learningAs we spend so much time in school and then in college, people there constitute our social environment. Some of them become our coworkers or clients, and some even become our best friends or loved ones. This system of social connections and interactions is based on communication. The better we communicate, the more comfortable we feel within this big system.

Communication with class- or groupmates has a number of perks. It is not only a part of educational process, but it also plays a significant role in extracurricular leisure activities and in formation of wider social and professional networks.  Let us split communication between classmates into groups by settings in which it occurs — in the classroom, outside the classroom but still classroom-centered (on the phone, online, via text messages), and extracurricular. Students benefit from each in a slightly different way. Continue reading

Sample Essay “Iran: the Country of Survivors”

tehran iranKurds, Persians, Arabs, diplomats, intellectuals, political activists… They all have been victims of the aggressive recent history of Iran. In 1980-88, the country was involved in the Gulf War fighting against Iraq, and then it was fighting against the ghostly enemies of the Islamic Republic (such as Israel and US). Opposition politicians and dissidents were considered as enemies too. Instead of fighting its own corruption, Iran has been searching for the enemy outside turning itself into a country of the wealthy and survivors. Continue reading

Essay Sample on Adoption and Its Moral Issues in Different Countries

london scoutOver a decade ago, in 2013, 127,000 children were adopted in the United States, almost three times more than in China. While the institution of adoption in the US is widely encouraged, not everyone is ready to treat it normally. Although social stigma and stereotypes still accompany adoption and fostering, they are reducing with time. Below, we will look at how different cultures treat adoption and fostering and see how the situation is changing. Continue reading