Animal Aggression: Did Harambe Really Pose a Threat to the Child?

gorillaOn May 28, a four-year-old child snuck into the aviary of a lowland gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo. To save the kid a zookeeper had shot and killed the animal. There was nothing unusual about this tragic incident, because such situations occur from times to times. For example, a week earlier zoo workers killed two lions to save a man who had wandered into their enclosure. That incident did not become a sensation. However, Harambe became a legend of the Internet. Moreover, a few artists started to make incomes off his image.

The jokes about the 17-year-old silverback gorilla appeared to scoff anger on the social media. Many people were sure, that Harambe tried to save the boy, so he was killed for nothing.

Specialists state that gorillas are not aggressive, however, there is one mission for an adult male, to protect his pack. He can bluff or intimidate everything when he feels threat. That’s why the zookeepers assure, that Harambe was not going to protect the child, but trying to use him to intimidate the other visitors.

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