Essay Sample: The Fall of Pity and Being Pitied

black and white manWhen for some reason you’re faced with the emotion called ‘pity’, that’s the very first sign of what we know as insecurity. We’re human and what we want is to be pitied for the reason that we are in need of attention. Moreover, without pity, we all tend to think that nobody will ever give a damn about us. Experts say, pity-seeking behavior is simply inseparable from self-pity, which is an enormous obstacle on your natural way to happiness because you’re simply unable to feel the joy of life if you choose to have that bad feeling about yourself.

As stated in the research performed by the Finnish experts among 242 men, feeling self-pity can speed up the atherosclerosis process, as well as arteries hardening. This, in turn, leads to the strokes or heart attacks. The studies have also revealed that individuals, who reported a severe feeling of self-pity has a 20% greater increase in the level of blood vessels hardening. Continue reading