Sample Essay on Education: Why Is It Important to Choose the Right Primary School Teacher?

school teacherThis is a sample essay on the importance of choosing the right teacher for primary education. If you are required to deliver a paper on the same topic, you can use the information highlighted in this sample to draft your own paper.

The situation at present is such that you can only succeed if you are educated. There are cases when people still live without an education, but such cases are usually very few. With education, you are able to gain knowledge and skills that will allow you to contribute positively to the economy. The education system is usually divided into basic (primary), secondary (high school), and tertiary levels (college). The primary level introduces young kids to the basics of math, social studies, and science with specialization taking place later in the higher levels of learning. The primary level, therefore, lays the foundations for future success, and this makes finding the right primary school teacher very important.

Some would argue that finding the right primary school is all it takes to ensure that young kids are going to get the best education. But is that entirely the case? Definitely not! A school, just like anything in life, is balanced, and this means that there are good teachers just as there are bad ones. The good teachers are those who are passionate and committed to teaching and, therefore, strive to positively impact on the students in their care. The other lot comprises of the not-so-committed tutors who are only interested in getting the job done and going home. Parents should always insist on the former when it comes to the teachers for their kids since it presents them with the best chance of getting a good education. School heads usually pair students and teachers randomly, but if you want the best education for your kids, you should visit their school and make a request for the type of teacher that you want for your kids. It is not advisable to present the principals with a list of names as this can be taken for high-handedness. You should present the principal with the qualities that you prefer for your kid’s primary school teacher.

Another aspect that makes finding the best primary school teacher for your kids is that the right teacher will be able to steer your kids the right way academically. They will be able to get them interested in a subject, and this will definitely result in better understanding and performance in that particular class. Kids can develop a bad attitude towards subjects they consider difficult such as math and science, and if this is left to go on for a very long time, the students may lose interest in those subjects, and this may come to haunt them later in life. The right teacher will make sure that your kids are interested in the key subjects for better academic performance.

Choosing the right teacher for your kids is very important if you want them to gain the best education. They will be able to guide them in the right way and make sure they succeed in their studies.


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