Sample Essay on Dark Tetrad

violencia contra la mujerWhen thinking about the Dark Triad, you may refer to the epic fantasy. Each of the three evil powers are exploitative and heartless, as well as malicious in its nature. The first one is remorseless but charming. The other one is cynical and deceptive. And the third one is entitled and grandiose, the egoist in its unique way. None of the human beings has a desire to face this dark trio.

However, you may have no choice for the reason that the Dark Triad is not an illusion at all. The issue comes from the formal personality theory and is related to three traits reflecting the worst of humanity when being united. Those are the three faces of what we all consider anti-social. And the names of these faces are the evidence for their inhumanity: narcissism, psychopathy and Machiavellianism. Continue reading