Creative Hacks for Essays Writing

There are tons of online essay examples for high school, college or university. But, before you rush up to download the whole database right to your PC, make a cup of tea and take some time to read through unusual ideas in order to use them as your own creative writing example of an essay creation. Typically an essay is a 5-paragraph project used by the author to prove something. It’s an essay that turns on your imagination and helps you transform old facts into an interesting piece of writing. Try these ideas in order to stand out against the background of other papers handed to your college instructor.

Do think you have somehow changed for the better during the years that have passed? Let’s say, 5 or 7 years. It’s a great idea to dedicate your project to arguing whether you believe or cast doubts on your personal progress. Compare and contrast your inner world personality you see in a mirror every day with the person you think you were yesterday.

Imagine that you are the lucky finalist who has got an opportunity to go to a new planet to get familiar with the aliens and to represent the Earth. Make sure to generate an argument that will prove you are the number one person to be sent on this extraterrestrial expedition. Both – your weaknesses and strong points should be discussed in the body of the essay.

Why not work out the following scenario: you parents have successfully come upon five million dollars and now you and your family members need to make the right decision on in what way to spend it. You’re provided with an opportunity to generate a solid essay-instruction demonstrating how they should make use of the sum of money mentioned above.

Death is one of life aspects that may scare you and people around you but, still, sooner or later we will have to face it. It’s a good idea to tell in what way death has influenced your life. Perhaps, you have experienced the tragic moments in your life, when you have saved somebody else’s life. Tell your reader whether your life somehow changed after what has happened.

Share your ideas and beliefs regarding how the world around you should change during your lifetime and whether you’d like to become the person, who will contribute to that remarkable change.

Thanks for dealing with these simple ideas for the essay writing assignment. Make sure to take a look around and get inspiration for the essay from wherever you like!