5 Tips on How to Communicate with a Writer Who Wrote Your Essay Badly

Using writing services to get essays when you cannot write them on your own is all very good, but you can never be sure that the writer will actually deliver the quality he or she promises until you receive the text. So, what should you do if the essay you receive is written in such a way that a first-grader from a special needs school would be ashamed of presenting it to his teacher?

1. Make Sure It Is the Writer’s Fault

Probably you should have thought about it beforehand, but are you completely sure you have provided the writer with all the necessary instructions in a coherent manner? It is common, that the drawbacks of the essay you receive from a writing service are a result of misinterpreted instructions. Some clients of writing agencies seem to consider their writers to be telepaths – they give short and incomprehensible instructions and get angry if the writer doesn’t understand them. Have you provided the writer with all the details? Are you sure there haven’t been any ambiguities? If problems arise from misunderstanding, try to rectify it as soon as possible.

2. Study the Terms of Agreement

If you haven’t done it before, do it now. For how long does the service offer revisions, are they free of charge, and if yes, then for how long? What are the conditions on which they are provided? If you know your rights as a client before you contact the writer or the customer support, you have better chances of getting what you need from them.

3. Evaluate the Overall Quality of Writing

And decide whether the same writer is capable of doing what you need at all. If the text is rife with grammar and factual mistakes, smells of blatant copy/paste and is generally poorly written, it is probably a better idea to ask the service to reassign your order to another writer. Or, taking into consideration the fact that it employs the authors of such level in the first place, think about asking for a refund and placing your order with another agency. If you see that not everything is lost yet, talk to the writer.

4. Ask for Corrections Firmly yet Politely

Getting angry is no use. If you think that dealing with this particular writer can lead to positive results, don’t antagonize him or her even if they cause you trouble. It will be better if they genuinely want to help you and do it simply because it is their job.

5. Be in Touch with the Writer until the Problem Is Solved

When an essay is written poorly, a lot of people behave as if it was not their problem. They write a curt note to the writer, stating that they want changes, and then disappear. Even if the writer’s reaction is immediate, it is of no use – the client has left without so much as giving direct instructions on what needs to be done. It is your essay – check your mail regularly.