6 Tips to Choose the Right Topic for Your College Paper

Once someone has said that writing a college paper is a true nightmare. But, what about choosing what to write? It is easier to work on a topic that has been provided by a professor rather than to have a carte blanche and decide what to research by yourself.

If you have found yourself in a very tight corner, here are several tips that might be helpful in picking the topic that is the right one. These recommendations will assist in making the writing process not just a must but also a pleasure.

1.  Find a General Topic

You must be familiar with it. When there is some knowledge in any category, choose a narrower sphere and start investigating it.

2.  Ask If It Is Interesting

If you don’t like what you write about, how can others enjoy reading or listening to your research? When a writer is really interested in the issue, he/she will research it with pleasure and to the fullest.

3.  Pick a Debatable Issue

Is there a problem or a question that is debatable? Don’t be afraid to work on it. On the one hand, it will grab everyone’s attention, and they’ll be looking forward to a conclusion. On the other hand, you will be pleased to work on it.

4.  Seek Personal Recommendations

Ask your professor what topic he/she could recommend you to work on. If your supervisor has anything on mind, he/she will share the idea, and you will get a chance to work on something that your teacher will be happy to hear about.

5.  Do Some Reading

Before actually choosing the topic to work on, do a research. It won’t take much time to check if there is any material on the issue to make use of. If there’s too little of it, drop the topic and proceed to another one.

6.  Think of Diversity

Though all students are different, they still choose similar topics. Eventually, there are dozens of projects under the same title. Professors got sick of copied ideas and known approaches. Don’t be afraid to experiment and disclose something brand new that will be a whiff of fresh air both for your supervisor and other students. That’s a kind of a ticket to success.

If you have already made your choice, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will the topic help bring some fresh and new ideas?
  • Will it attract someone’s attention?
  • Will it give anything to think about?
  • Will it change anything?

If the answer to all the above-mentioned questions is ‘YES!’, then grab the topic and start working on it. If there are some ‘NOs’ or you have doubts and hesitations, you should better think about other possible directions. The thing is there is no need to work on an issue if your research project doesn’t bring any changes.