Cheap Essays: Myth or Reality

Every year thousands if not millions of students surf the Internet looking for places where they can find a place to buy essays and other academic assignments. As students are generally not the best-off category of populace, their most important priorities are both high quality and low price. However, more and more of them ask a question: is it at all possible to find a service or a writer who would have both these qualities?

Most often, it is not so. Established services and writers consider their assistance to be of good enough quality to demand higher prices, and those who don’t mind working for less cannot boast of sufficient quality. Thus, most often the price is a very good indication of how good an essay you are going to pay for.

Pleasant Exceptions

There are, however, some exceptions to this rule. Some services try to keep a more moderate pricing policy by better organizing their employees and only employing the authors who agree to work for smaller fees and still provide writing of sufficient quality. They may be beginners in this business who haven’t still made a name in it and are trying to create a portfolio by performing a lot of cheaper but still high-quality works.

Or they may think that it is better to have a constant flow of new orders, even if they are not paid a lot for each and every one of them, than to have work only from time to time and waiting for a client to contact them in between.

Don’t Be Fooled

But the existence of such exceptions is not the reason to believe that this particular person or service belongs to them. Just like in any other business, too low a price is a good reason to start feeling suspicious. If the service offers a price that is considerably lower than that of its competitors, it may be because they are not its competitors at all and you are dealing with a swindler that will take your money and get you copy/pasted piece of writing in return. Or the one that hires incompetent writers who are ready to work for food.

Don’t be gullible, but don’t be too suspicious either – practice shows that, after all, the majority of writing services reviews are at least trying to provide you with the best assistance possible. Indeed, they are as interested in staying in business as you are interested in getting a good mark.