How Do British Writing Services Work?

A lot of people looking for online help with their academic assignments have special feelings about UK dissertation writing services. How do they work? In what way are they different from all the other writing agencies?

Generally they function pretty much in the same way as others. And by them you should mean not the UK-based writing agencies, but the agencies that state that they are UK-based. They work via the Internet, and there is nothing simpler than to say that your company is located in the UK – most likely, nobody is going to check. And if somebody does, it will be rather difficult for him to do so, especially if he lives in another country.

The main difference of British writing services from all the others is the difference in prices – it is true for almost all cases. UK-based writing services are usually more expensive than their American counterparts – sometimes only slightly, sometimes quite considerably. It is rather hard to explain why it is so, especially in the cases when the service in question is nothing more than a subsidiary of a company that has American offices as well. Probably it is based on the assumption that the British are supposed to know English better and thus have to be paid better for their services.

Whatever the reason is, if you deal with a British writing service you have to be ready to part with a larger amount of money, while quality will not necessarily be better. It doesn’t mean that they should be avoided – but if an agency positions itself as a British one and considers it to be its main positive feature you should probably ask yourself why it doesn’t boast of anything else, like professionalism or responsiveness. After all, you may find writers working according to British standards of paper writing with almost any service.

All in all, I wouldn’t be too enthusiastic about British writing services at all. The very nature of our time, the Internet age, means that almost any company that sells its services via the Web is probably international and hires people from all over the world. It is doubly so in case of writing companies – thus, even in case the service is really located in the United Kingdom, who can be sure that at least part of its employees are British? If they can hire anyone, why would they limit themselves?