What Is the Best Place to Order a Thesis?

Choosing a writing service to deal with such a crucial work as thesis writing is a mind-boggling task as it is. There are hundreds of writing services out there, most of them look similar or absolutely identical to one another – and how one is supposed to navigate in all this chaos is, to put it mildly, rather confusing.

After dealing with hundreds of writing services I can give you a couple of tips that are not that obvious for the one who starts looking for custom thesis writing services for the first time.

The main idea is look for a human touch. No one knows how many writing services are there on the Internet, but one thing is sure: there are certainly not so many of them as it seems at a glance. One and the same service may appear under dozens of different names without even trying to hide the fact that all of them are subsidiaries of one and the same agency: they are the same in design, pricing policy and so on. If you’ve been burned at one service and find another that looks familiar – in nine cases out of ten it is the same agency, so steer clear of it.

Most of writing services, even the different ones, are very similar: they use colorful palettes, flashy design, tons of meaningless filler text, the same blandly sounding promises and so on. We don’t say that it necessarily means that they will provide a bad piece of writing for you (it all depends on the writer you will deal with), but chances are that you will receive a piece of generic text written without taking into account the specifics of your situation.

Our advice is to look for services that look different from the majority. Less flash graphics, promises and colorful discounts. More matter-of-factness, solidity and, most importantly, personality. If the customer support sounds like you are talking to a real, living, well-educated person and not a bored to death robot who only knows how to copy/paste typical answers to typical questions from a pre-made list and has brain freeze whenever you ask something that isn’t in this list – then you are probably on the right way.

Of course it doesn’t guarantee anything. But the chance that you will get quality assistance in such a place is much, much higher.