How to Find the Best Book on Essay Writing?

Students who lack the skills to write essays on their own but are willing to learn how to do it are often on the lookout for some magical book that would turn them into professional writers in a blink of an eye – presumably it contains the condensed knowledge that will lead to this wonderful metamorphosis.

What these students fail to see is that there is no such a book. There are manuals on essay-writing that are slightly better than others, and some that are slightly worse, but in general they all tend to emphasize almost the same points and give very similar tips. It doesn’t matter how many lists of the best essay writing books you’ve studied – you won’t ever find this magical book that will be enough to get you rid of all your academic troubles.

You may ask: “Well, so what am I going to do? How am I going to get the level of expertise necessary to deal with the academic tasks I come up against every day?”

Bad news – if you are asking this question, it probably means that you have already wasted too much time for anything to make a difference fast enough to help you in time.

Good news – there is only one way of improving your essay writing skills, and it is never too late to start using it.

Unfortunately, the only way to learn how to write essays well is to write essays, as simple as that. No amount of theory will ever replace the tiniest fraction of practice – memorize as many books on essay writing with all the tips and techniques enumerated in them as you can, but before you start writing actual essays all this knowledge will remain a dead weight upon your shoulders.

In the time when everyone seems to be set on getting either immediate results or no results at all the notion that practice is the only way to become good at something comes as a shock. Unfortunately, it is the one thing about the world that never changes. So, if you want to become a first-rate essay writer really quick, all you have to do is to write as many essays as possible. Grab any essay writing book, learn the basics, and get to work.

Or you may always use an essay writing service. But don’t be surprised with the results – they are always unpredictable, sometimes good, and sometimes bad.