Push the Envelope and Choose the Best Dissertation Topic

pushing the envelopeYou won’t believe but choosing the right topic for your dissertation can be one of the most crucial choices of your professional career since it pushes the first stage of research, and it is the first thing that your potential colleagues will analyze when considering your candidacy for a particular position in their department. Are you struggling with picking the dissertation topic? Make sure to push the envelope.

As a college or university student, you have definitely heard from your tutor that the dissertation research must ‘push the envelope’. However, the majority of students haven’t got the slightest idea of what that expression is actually about. Read further to get a quick explanation from the dissertation writers with strong background.

When you hear ‘push the envelope’ phrase, remember – it includes certain mathematical reference. The word ‘envelope’ is used as a term for the curve that is used in order to enclose the rest of the curves in the curves’ family. When it was used by the specialists of the aeronautic industry, it was related to the outer curve that reflected the aircraft’s performance limit. Each of professional pilots was required to push the envelope to properly test the aircraft, and the expression ‘push the envelope’ became the common lexicon in the book ‘The Right Stuff’ written by Tom Wolfe about the test pilots.

Just close your eyes and imagine that the whole scope of sociological knowledge is inserted in one huge dataset. Of course, the author of the dissertation would contribute something to the dataset that would match the subject heading, and probably the set of the given key words, but to the envelope the project title must comply with the following criteria:

– It does not reflect the idea that is already placed in the dataset.

– It is the matter of interest for the sociologists that will have a strong desire to read when being on the lookout for the material related to the topic. In other words, your research does not just include a unique viewpoint that the others failed to research, but it also has an interesting and unusual take.

– It is the research that helps your colleagues that are interested in the topic to conduct their own and is useful for them when they are working on the dissertations just like you are. To be more precise, your research must be hooking. That is, the other experts should take it into their consideration when performing their own researches within the same field.

To be honest, the only thing that you have to do is to come up with an interesting question that, when attached with an answer, would bring some new light on all the investigations made before by the other experts – but the point is that that new light should make the others to have a completely new look at the well-known things.