Sample Essay on Bad Habits and How They Ruin People’s Lives

Truthful statistics, real-life examples, trends for a healthy lifestyle, and endless rambling on the media seem not to be able to stop people from appropriating bad habits. Our sample essay is a humble input into this fight against the use of harmful substances to raise the awareness about the consequences. So, join us and write similar papers using this material!

There is a common view that the worst habits out there are smoking, drinking, and taking drugs. This is obviously true: 7 million people all over the world die each year from tobacco, 10% of US children live in the same house with a parent/parents who misuse alcohol, and regular drug users are 28 times more likely to get infected with HIV. These are global problems that affect the whole global population, but the awareness of their seriousness doesn’t decrease their consequences. In fact, there are other bad habits that gain more pace every day and become the causes of different disorders, lethal diseases, and deaths.

There are many irrational decisions taken while consuming food. For instance, mindless eating that is connected more not with the hunger that people feel, but with the volume of a container that they eat from. The bigger the bowl is, the more a person will chew. This is the fact that was proven by the Cornell University psychologist, Brian Wansink. However, it’s not the only food disorder – many people engage in emotional eating. The stress and social pressure force people to consume more food because some of the products cause our organisms to emit mood uplifting hormones. This way, they are trying to eat up the negative factor without solving the actual problem. Among other bad habits connected with food, there are also eating on the go, endless snacking, junk food, and others.

Another group of bad practices includes spending too much time on social media, watching too much TV, sedentary occupation or leading a life of a recluse. Why? Because they all lead to the low physical activity which is very often the cause of breast and colon cancer, heart attack, diabetes, and other serious diseases. The most important thing is that they all can be prevented if people move more – just a 30-minute daily exercise can keep the muscles toned and help to be in a good shape. This reduces the problem of excessive weight and part of the illnesses that are triggered by it.

All in all, despite the fact that the medicine has made thousands of steps ahead, and people are able to live longer due to it, the consumerism culture levels all the achievements down. It is hard to control ourselves when there is an abundance of food, services, and entertainment. But if we don’t stop giving ourselves away to those bad habits and temptations, the situation will become even worse than it used to be before the medical and technological advancements. That’s why it’s essential to be aware of all the harm to which our inaction leads.


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