Essay Sample on Manhattan Project

nuclear explosionDue to today’s sophisticated technologies and inventions we can do anything we want: starting from travelling without leaving our homes, communicating with people from different parts of the world and ending with destroying the humanity without blinking an eye. But there are a lot of inventions that may have devastating consequences while used or lead to mass destruction of the world’s population. And that is exactly what the atomic bomb invention is about, the most calamitous and devastating weapon ever known to a mankind.

German scientists were the first ones who made the attempt to discover the atomic bomb and succeeded in finding out how to split the uranium atom in a correct way. This case was of a real concern and a wake-up call to the whole world. It was Albert Einstein and other physicist who managed to persuade Franklin D. Roosevelt, the President of the USA at that time to start a research program in the field of Nuclear Physics in the USA. Continue reading