APA Style Papers Writing Rules

If you have never faced APA style before, the basic guidelines and rules presented below will seem pretty scary for you, as the beginner. But that’s not a good idea to trust the first impression! Soon you’ll be as a fish in water while dealing with APA formatting requirements thanks to the simplest tips we generously provide you with in this article.

First thing to begin with is to use the paper of the standard size (8,5 by 11 inches) and make sure to use only 1 inch margin on every side. The project written in APA style should be always double-spaced, typed and presented in the font of 12-point. Make certain to use the Times New Roman font (similar ones are also OK). Provide a page header on every paper page on the top left part of the page together with the number of page on the top right side of it.

Now let’s carry on to APA paper sections. No matter what paper type you work on, make sure to provide the basic sections that are supposed to 100% be included in APA project: a title page, a reference section, an abstract, the paper main body.

APA Paper Title Page: This section is provided together with the paper title, a running head, affiliation of your school and your name.

APA Paper Abstract. The abstract is used to provide a short and simple summarization for your project. Make sure to place this part of your work right after its title page. In accordance with APA format writing rules, 250 words will be enough to cover an abstract.

APA Paper Main Body. It’s worth to mention that the exact body format will depend on the paper type you deal with. For instance, in case you’re assigned with lab report writing, the APA paper body section will consist of an introductive section, a method part, a section for the results and the one provided for a discussion. Go straight to your instructor to get more specific info on what sections you’re supposed to include in the body of an assignment.

The Section for the References. Here’s the place where the author of the paper is required to provide all the references that he has used while creating his APA project. The rule is simple: if you made use of something in the main body, you must note that in the section for references! The reference section requires a separate paper page. Centre the word References at the page top.

In case you find it hard to cope with the whole project at once, try to break it down into several steps that will be more manageable for you. At first you conduct your research, then you proceed to paper writing and then you work on the abstract section. Finally, when all your references are set together, you can work on a title page. When you’re 100% done with everything mentioned above and you still have more time before the submission, edit your paper to make sure the APA formatting is just perfect.

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