History Thesis

In most history related courses, instructors often assign the students the task of developing a solid and independent argument on a certain subject, which can also be referred to as a history thesis. Such argument should not merely resemble the personal opinion of the student but should be based on his/her findings from the conducted research. A history thesis is an important part of the course that teaches the student to form and express a strong opinion on an important historical matter, which is not biased but based on scientific evidence.

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First of all, it would be noteworthy to mention what is the difference between an introduction to a topic and a thesis. An introduction is an opening paragraph to speech, paper, or essay. It contains a short summary of the content that is about to follow, as well as introduces the reader to the discussed topic with background information. While a thesis is the closing part of the introduction, it cannot be described as a summary. A thesis resembles a well-defined argument that aims to prove the relevance and importance of the author’s point.
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