Sample Essay on Unexpected Products that DO Have an Expiry Date

In reality, a lot of even the most ordinary things have expiration dates. But the majority of people are clueless about it and keep on using them bearing serious consequences afterward. Cover our sample essay that dwells upon the issue and learn a lot of unexpected information.

When people hear the phrase “expiration date”, the first thing they think about is milk or meat because these are the most common foods that cause a lot of trouble if eaten addle. The positive side of the issue is that the consequences show themselves very quickly, and it is possible to tackle the problem with minimum harm. But there are other items that have expiry dates and the aftermaths appear after a long period of misuse – and the most important thing is that they are far more serious than food intoxication.

If we talk about some cloth items, it is necessary to remember that the maximum period it is allowed to use, say, a pillow is 3 years. After that, it loses its shape causing headaches, as well as neck pain, and becomes a perfect environment for dust and bedbugs. There are also slippers that you can avail of for 6 months tops. If used longer, they can turn into a place with favorable conditions for fungus. The similar issue is with the towels that are often left wet creating a good environment for bacteria. As for other unexpected things, we can count here running shoes as well – they have a 1-year living cycle. Later, the special technology of cushioning is tramped in and the pressure on the joints increases.

Besides fabric items, different household tools also have an expiration point. For instance, the power strip can be employed for 1-2 years because afterward, it can lead to electricity failures, or even worse, fires. It’s the same with power sockets. It doesn’t matter that the manufacturers don’t write expiry dates on the packages – the specialists recommend to dispose of them and install the new ones every 4-5 years to avoid serious damage and consequences.

The danger also lurks in the bathrooms. Such washing accessories like sponges and shower poufs can be the causes of mold and fungus if they are not replaced every 2-3 weeks. What is more, the toothbrush should also be changed once in 3 months to stave off various bacteria. In addition, it is better to throw it away when one catches a cold or another infectious illness. Otherwise, it will be much more difficult to treat it.

Altogether, there are many items in our houses that have been there for years (or even for decades). However, it is significant to periodically replace all the items that surround us because time spares nothing. So, it’s a good idea to organize revisions once in several months if it concerns the things of everyday usage, and once in several years for items with a longer living cycle.


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Sample Essay on Creative Writing: How It Could Rock Your World

You may think that creative writing is just another course that you will cover and forget about unless you need to produce some kind of short story or catchy email. But this is a misconception – creative writing impacts different aspects of life, and here is a sample essay that elaborates on them in detail.

Some students study creative writing as a separate course being a part of another specialty while others major in it with hope to become great writers someday. Many employers claim that the skills gained during taking classes in this field are very useful for marketing, editing, education, copywriting, and many other domains. This happens not only because one can create an attractive piece of text that might grab the reader’s attention – creative writing invokes and nourishes the creativity itself which is so important nowadays in many professions. But, besides the career part, this acquired ability influences other numerous aspects of our life which are no less important than a job.

Primarily, creative writing boosts the language. In fact, it enhances all the elements of speech: vocabulary, discourse, grammar, and even pronunciation. The thing is that students have to be drawn into the word usage and combination on a completely another level – on a much deeper one than a usual conversation or texting requires. This happens because they must produce a text manipulating the language and challenging themselves to find new interesting ways to transform it in order to express their opinions and views. Thus, it can be compared with killing two birds with one stone – by practicing creative writing, people improve the language skills and learn how to eloquently speak up.

In addition to these acquired benefits, this activity can also impact physical and mental health. It is scientifically proven that expressive writing reduces stress and depression. Consequently, the mood and overall well-being improve as well and influence the organism physically: the blood pressure goes down, immune system receives a boost, and the state of lungs and liver discernibly improves. Students, in particular, are less likely to skip classes and better develop the memory.

Along with the health perks, we have mentioned above that creative writing is much appreciated in the professional sphere. People can provide themselves with additional side jobs and earn some extra cash, or try themselves out in freelancing. It is especially topical for students – with creative writing skills it is possible to work as a creative writer (obviously), copywriter, ad creator, technical writer, blog writer, etc. In fact, the possibilities are numerous, it’s just necessary to produce several sample texts and look for clients on different freelance platforms like or

All in all, creative writing accounts for loads of benefits connected with health, general lifestyle, and career. It cultivates different skills, knowledge, and experience that help to get noticed and stand out from the crowd. So, it must be definitely trained and integrated into the routine for at least some time in order to get the most out of this activity.


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Sample Essay on Bad Habits and How They Ruin People’s Lives

Truthful statistics, real-life examples, trends for a healthy lifestyle, and endless rambling on the media seem not to be able to stop people from appropriating bad habits. Our sample essay is a humble input into this fight against the use of harmful substances to raise the awareness about the consequences. So, join us and write similar papers using this material!

There is a common view that the worst habits out there are smoking, drinking, and taking drugs. This is obviously true: 7 million people all over the world die each year from tobacco, 10% of US children live in the same house with a parent/parents who misuse alcohol, and regular drug users are 28 times more likely to get infected with HIV. These are global problems that affect the whole global population, but the awareness of their seriousness doesn’t decrease their consequences. In fact, there are other bad habits that gain more pace every day and become the causes of different disorders, lethal diseases, and deaths.

There are many irrational decisions taken while consuming food. For instance, mindless eating that is connected more not with the hunger that people feel, but with the volume of a container that they eat from. The bigger the bowl is, the more a person will chew. This is the fact that was proven by the Cornell University psychologist, Brian Wansink. However, it’s not the only food disorder – many people engage in emotional eating. The stress and social pressure force people to consume more food because some of the products cause our organisms to emit mood uplifting hormones. This way, they are trying to eat up the negative factor without solving the actual problem. Among other bad habits connected with food, there are also eating on the go, endless snacking, junk food, and others.

Another group of bad practices includes spending too much time on social media, watching too much TV, sedentary occupation or leading a life of a recluse. Why? Because they all lead to the low physical activity which is very often the cause of breast and colon cancer, heart attack, diabetes, and other serious diseases. The most important thing is that they all can be prevented if people move more – just a 30-minute daily exercise can keep the muscles toned and help to be in a good shape. This reduces the problem of excessive weight and part of the illnesses that are triggered by it.

All in all, despite the fact that the medicine has made thousands of steps ahead, and people are able to live longer due to it, the consumerism culture levels all the achievements down. It is hard to control ourselves when there is an abundance of food, services, and entertainment. But if we don’t stop giving ourselves away to those bad habits and temptations, the situation will become even worse than it used to be before the medical and technological advancements. That’s why it’s essential to be aware of all the harm to which our inaction leads.


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4 Special Offers of Custom Writing Services You Can’t Miss

Addressing to custom writing companies doesn’t come off cheap. Why? Well, if you use the services of really high-quality agencies, you get profound papers with good content and no plagiarism. How do they exactly reach that level? They hire competent writers with relevant experience and, consequently, pay them decent salaries. What is more, such companies also employ customer service and different managers who keep an eye on the whole process of delivering an academic paper.

Sounds complicated, huh? It certainly is because custom writing agencies are in great competition nowadays. That’s why they have to create a good image online and provide services of high quality to get clients and earn income. And of course, they have some special offers that you need to know about if you want to save some dough.

1.  Discounts at Low Season

This information is not official, but whenever you order a paper during summer or after the semester is over, the price will likely be much lower than if you order in November-December or April-May. This is all connected with the low season when companies have few orders and grab any gig they can get. So, you can use this opportunity and complete some assignments that you already have for the next semester. Or, if you’re writing something like dissertation or PhD, this is a perfect time to order it.

2.  Categories of Writers

There are usually 3 categories of writers in the company: Best Available, Advanced, and Natives. Two latter ones add up 20-30% to the overall cost of the paper if you choose them. But the thing is that the Best Available category is neither worse nor less competent. There also can be native writers who just don’t have enough experience in the academic sphere but can produce essays or research papers on the same level with the Advanced ones. There are non-native specialists as well, but that doesn’t mean that they will produce assignments of low quality. If the writing company you order from has a good reputation, you can be sure that any employer on their staff is a professional.

3.  Free Revisions

This is far the most beneficial offer in the writing agencies’ array of services. It works like this – you place an order, and when you get the draft or final variant (doesn’t matter), you can ask the assigned writer to revise the paper as many times as you need if it doesn’t meet your original requirements. You can follow this procedure up until you approve the order. After that, you have only 7-14 days to request an additional revision. And you need to remember that when you demand your writer to change something, these alterations should match with your original instructions.

4.  Free Plagiarism Checker

In case you wish to make sure that the academic paper you receive is 100% original, the majority of custom writing services have free plagiarism checkers on their website. This will help you feel on the safe side and confirm once again for yourself that you’ve got an assignment that was worth your money.

Find out more about the services of writing agencies not to miss out on their special offers! Take the most out of this experience.

4 Significant Reasons to Attend University Classes

There are many reasons to justify skipping classes, and some of them really make sense. For example, if attendance doesn’t impact the final grade, why do you have to waste your time within the university walls and listen to the boring lectures when you can cover the material faster on your own? Seems logical. Or, if on another occasion, all the information provided in the course during the classes is available either in a textbook or online, and your professor’s presentation of the data is not that clear, it’s obvious that you will choose to stay home or to spend your time with more use.

But there are also less reasonable reasons like partying all night and inability to get up the next morning. The excuse that a certain class is your first/last within the day, so you choose to skip it because you’re lazy to wake up early or to sit till the end of the studies, sounds lame as well. And, while you’re feeding yourself with these pre-texts, you need to know that workshops and lectures aren’t created just to add more troubles to your student life. They are designed to develop some significant skills in you and provide you with additional benefits. If you want to learn which exactly, continue reading!

1.  Communication

Interpersonal skills are vital for you, and that’s exactly what you master first during the classes. You learn to speak up when professors ask for your opinion, to justify your thoughts when someone disagrees with you and to act confidently when you talk. You can acquire these skills sitting at home and browsing Facebook.

2.  Discipline

Coming to the university at a specific hour or completing some kind of task in a limited period of time teaches you to be focused, punctual and level-headed. There is a reason why professors don’t babysit college students like teachers do in schools – students need to learn self-discipline. If you fail at that, you must bear the consequences.

3.  Extra Points

Even when you don’t earn any credit for attendance, you still can make some extra points if you are active enough. You can answer professor’s questions directed at the audience, participate in discussions and get remembered. And believe us, this might be a game changer during the exams.

4.  Unique Info

Despite the Internet and availability of any data out there, you might still miss some valuable information during the classes. Your professors may have worked in the domain they’re teaching in, so real-life examples will come as illustrations to all the theory blocks, and this is already something that will be hard to find on the Internet.

There are 4 main reasons not to skip classes. We’re not saying that you have to attend every lecture or workshop on all of your courses, but being present on the majority of classes will bring you only benefits.

3 Main Writing Skills You Need to Obtain the Dream Job

Some may think that nowadays writing skills are not that important because it’s better to know coding, big data management or finances. But we can argue with 100% confidence that this competence is much more important now than it has ever been before. Due to the fact that almost every person out there can put together words into sentences, it is necessary to learn how to stand out. After all, if you know how to create a website or what impacts the exchange market, in what way will you get some recruiter or company representative to find that out about you? The job environment is very competitive at present, so you won’t be able to do without writing.

In order to master this part of your skill set better, we’ve come up with the list of separate aspects that you need to tend to if you wish to succeed in your future career. Read further to learn them and start practicing right now!

1.  Critical Thinking

This is a general skill which is very significant for each profession out there. It helps to analyze the information, draw conclusions, and distinguish between the useful data and trash. It is also an ability to gain some knowledge in the process of analysis and, then, use it in practice in a similar situation. Right now, it is the skill that almost every employer seeks, so you need to boost it for the sake of getting any job. And as for writing, if you lack it, one can see it right away even from a brief email you might send to your colleague.

2.  Logical Line of Thought

If you need to construct a report, letter or any other work-related piece of writing, you won’t do without a logical line of thought. You must be able to express facts or views in the proper sequence so that the reader could follow your thread. The logic makes anything you produce in the written form purposeful and coherent. If you miss out on this one, all the people in your future company will have to come up to you and discuss things in person, and, eventually, they will get tired of it.

3.  Vocabulary

To show your intellectual and educational level, you should master more words than “Yes”, “No” or “Maybe”. The more efficiently you will be able to express yourself, the better the impression you will make. Of course, here you also want to be careful because too much of eloquence might seem that you’re showing off. But you should figure out the limit yourself.

In order to improve your vocabulary, read the literature on the industry you’re going to work in and watch specialized documentaries/videos/channels, etc.

The role of writing in your life can’t be overestimated. It is important for nearly every aspect of your everyday routine: communication with friends, social media, personal correspondence, studies, and, especially, job. So, hone the right elements of this skill (critical thinking, logical line of thought, and vocabulary) to rock your future career!

6 Tips to Choose the Right Topic for Your College Paper

Once someone has said that writing a college paper is a true nightmare. But, what about choosing what to write? It is easier to work on a topic that has been provided by a professor rather than to have a carte blanche and decide what to research by yourself.

If you have found yourself in a very tight corner, here are several tips that might be helpful in picking the topic that is the right one. These recommendations will assist in making the writing process not just a must but also a pleasure. Continue reading

8 Signs That Help a Teacher Determine Your Understanding of the Issue

It is never enough just to hand in your research work and get your grade. A well-written paper is a half work done. What is really essential on your way of getting a high grade and praise from a professor is showing that you know the topic and can deal with any pitfalls. Those, who have already graduated and worked on dozens of various written assignments, assure that there are certain signs that help a qualified teacher to figure out whether a student understands the issue or not. What are they? One may say that each one has his/her own. However, there is a set of common ones for any educator. Continue reading