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Sample Essay on Innovation: Physical Web, the Pokémon GO of Reality

essay-on-innovationAll of us heard about Pokémon GO and its innovative system, which allows users to look for their targets and interact with the environment right on the streets. Its successor is called the Physical Web. It is a brand new technology that makes it possible to set some web-sites, images and other stuff on a certain location in the real world. “What is innovative about such a technology?”, one may ask – it’s the way it works.
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How to Write Seminar Paper That Works Awesome



Before getting started we must define what the seminar paper actually is. Seminar paper is an advanced original research work which is usually presented during academic settings to the interested audience. Though this genre shares many features of its features with the usual research work, there are some fundamental differences one must consider in order to nail the genuine image of how to write seminar paper:
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The Poor State of Science Education despite of the Best Efforts

science-educationThe US – the country that had contributed massive advancements of science in the modern world. Maybe even the most. Silicon Valley, military findings, physics, mathematics etc. all these spheres are well-financed in the US. Many of the most prominent technical, engineering and medical schools are located on the territory of the United States. Millions of dollars are invested in the science education each year. But despite such great efforts “scientific illiteracy” is still a great problem in this country.
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Sample Essay on Shrimps: Snaps and Bubbles, Drowning Out All the Sonar

shrimp-essaySnapping shrimp also known as alpheidae is an underwater creature with asymmetrical claws. It has approximately one thousand varieties living all over the world, hunting its prey in coral reefs and causing many problems to humans. Why? Let’s find out!

Snapping shrimps have two different claws – one is of normal size, with the other reaching up to half its size. The main purposes of having such a big claw is stunning the prey, fighting and communicating with others. The snapping claw usually remains open until the shrimp contracts its closer muscle, which causes the claw to shut down very fast. But why does the shrimps cause problems to humans, after all? Snapping shrimps are very noisy. Continue reading

How to Write a Report Paper for College

The first semester of education in college has the potential to raise a considerable number of questions for a freshman, one of which is how to write a report paper for college in a correct and decent manner. Aside from theoretical material provided on lectures, students are given a wide variety of practical tasks that are designed to test their skills and knowledge, familiarity with the course, as well as their ability to learn and conduct research. One of the most common tasks is writing a report paper. Therefore, one may conclude that gaining the knowledge of how to write a report paper for college is a crucial step for a student’s further academic success.

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One the main difficulties that new students may encounter during their first year of education is understanding the peculiarities of academic formatting requirements. A college report paper, just like any other form of academic work, has to be written in a peculiar manner while following strict requirements of the hosting educational establishment. The later may include requirements such as APA, MLA, Chicago, and other styles of formatting and citation. It is important for the work to be written with a formal tone and proper grammar, as well using third person voice only. Continue reading

History Thesis

In most history related courses, instructors often assign the students the task of developing a solid and independent argument on a certain subject, which can also be referred to as a history thesis. Such argument should not merely resemble the personal opinion of the student but should be based on his/her findings from the conducted research. A history thesis is an important part of the course that teaches the student to form and express a strong opinion on an important historical matter, which is not biased but based on scientific evidence.

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First of all, it would be noteworthy to mention what is the difference between an introduction to a topic and a thesis. An introduction is an opening paragraph to speech, paper, or essay. It contains a short summary of the content that is about to follow, as well as introduces the reader to the discussed topic with background information. While a thesis is the closing part of the introduction, it cannot be described as a summary. A thesis resembles a well-defined argument that aims to prove the relevance and importance of the author’s point.
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How to Write a Hotel Review

The task how to write a hotel review initially may puzzle, yet, the knowledge of its writing guide assists in making it as simple as informative. Sharing own experience is always a challenge due to the fact that a person has to be good at sifting the information, possess some basic descriptive skills, and, actually, be honest to him/herself and the possible readers. Still, knowledge of how to write a hotel review provides with an opportunity to give some consumer opinion that could help travelers to resolve their accommodation issue.

 hotel transylvania castle

Informational Content

To begin with, writing a hotel review is not a school composition where one needs to use as much figurative language as possible. One should definitely care about the informational content of the review, using only those facts that could be useful and applicable for the future reader. Making a remark that a hotel was “nice” is too subjective and less valuable than the information about its location, service, and facilities. Being specific and providing more details are extremely important for the credibility of the hotel review. It is important to include such facts that the reader will not be able to find on the website of the hotel. Such information as the distance from the hotel to the main attractions or the opportunity to move in with a pet will be evidently practical and useful for travelers. Continue reading

History Research Paper

The institutions of higher education introduce the complexity and diversification of writing different types of research papers: with a history research paper being a vivid example of such academic work. One of the most common activities that all students and scholars participate in is conducting research. The process of collecting facts and sources is only a prelude that leads to the higher aim of statistical analysis and scientific research. It can be speculated that one of the most peculiar types of research is conducted in the process of writing a history research paper, as it required the utmost attention to details and scientific credibility. One may find that writing such a paper is no ordinary task, however, the results of overcoming its difficulties may reveal to be more than fruitful for educational self-development.

Ancillary science of archeology history

One of the main purposes of a history research paper is not only to address a certain historical period or event but to reveal the student’s ability to conduct independent scientific research and demonstrate academic adequacy. A history research paper has to follow a strict set of rules and academic regulations. The author has to follow the formatting standards of the educational establishment applied, such as the Harvard or the Chicago-Turabian styles, as well as provide proper citations and source referencing. Continue reading

How to Write an Opinion Essay

I've seen butterflies in my mindWhen it comes to an opinion essay, the first thing to keep in mind is that you’re dealing with the formal piece of writing. The project exists to prove your opinion on a topic that must be presented in a clear manner attached with a range of viewpoints supported by the examples or reasons. This should be provided within an introductory paragraph together with the opposing viewpoint given in the other paragraph. It is crucial to make sure your readers aren’t left guessing what your exact position on the matter is – stay clear from A to Z!

Use Simple 5-Paragraph Structure

A traditional 5-paragraph essay framework will work well for the opinion essay. You’ve definitely used it for the variety of academic projects already, which means there will be no problem with creating an A+ paper. If your writing skills keep up with the writing standards, your tutor will be happy to see a more complex and longer essay. However, using the five-paragraph structure for the essay is a good point to start with, especially if you don’t feel confident about your ability to complete a good paper.
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Essay on Global Warming: The World Climate Change Dissidents

industryDebates over whether the global warming is actually happening now is nothing new. A lot of scientists have been discussing the issues related to human activity that might affect the climate ever since XIX century. That’s when famous chemist Svante Arrhenius gave an idea about the industrial emissions that may lead to the global warming.

But in the XXI century, the new viewpoints have split the experts into two camps. In the interview with the NAS (National Association of Scholars), S. Fred Singer said that the number of the scientists, who have pretty skeptical points of view regarding the global warming issue, has been rapidly growing recently. According to the information provided by the expert, the number of skeptical qualified scientists reach over 40% nowadays.
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